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Staff Training

Training Documents

On this page, you will find an updated list of all trainings that will be available to faculty and staff.  All staff will be required to complete at least 5 hours of technology training by the end of the school year. 



New Hire Training Document


Extra Resources:

Classroom Tech Tools

Kahoot! Tutorial 

Move or Backup Google Drive Files

Flubaroo Add On for Google Docs

Excel Made Easy - A Beginner's Guide

Faculty and staff...Do you need an extra one on one training to spark some ideas in the classroom?  Are you having difficulties remembering the process of something you wanted to try?  Remember, you can always schedule an appointment using the "Book Online" button below! 

***Please remember, Fridays are my "Office" days for paperwork and training development, so please try not to book on Fridays unless absolutely necessary***

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