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Elementary Online Tools

Please note that the websites marked with an asterisk requires the student’s login information.

Interactive Math Glossary

*IXL PK-8:  Language Arts, Math, 9-12:  Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus  (paid by District)

* 3-8: Math

*Istation  3-8:  Reading

* website  K-5: Technology and Science  (paid by District)

Brain POP K-12:  Health, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology and The Arts

Enchanted Learning  K-12:  Science, Math, Reading and Writing, History, Geography

Star Fall  PK - 2:  ABC’s, Reading, Math, Songs, Holiday Activities  PK-6:  Language Arts, Science, Geography, Art

Color Cut and Create  PK-2:  Color Pages, Cutting Practice, Stories to Print, Creativity

Internet4Classrooms  1-12:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, SAT/ACT

E-learning for Kids PK-6:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Health, Computer Skills, Environmental Skills and Life Skills

Kinder Site  PK-5:  Language Arts, Games, Songs, Stories

*ABC Mouse  PK-1:  All subjects

*Moby Max  PK-8:  Language Arts, Math, Reading, Writing, Test Prep and great remediation for weak skills  (paid by District) 

Spell Zone  3-12:  Spelling  (paid by District)

*No Red Ink 3-12:  Grammar

Quizlet  PK-12:  Website used to create quizes, great for spelling words, math facts, etc.

*  K-5:  Science, Math used specifically with our textbooks

*Studdy Ladder  PK-8:  English, Math

Doodle Learning  K-12:  Math problems -step by step help 

Gale Infotrac Database  PK-12:  Here is a great resource to help your students with research on any subject imaginable.  Infotrac is great for all ages and all levels.  Check it out!  The username and password to login has been sent home in the first day paperwork.  If you need the username and password information for this amazing resource, please contact me!

Games and Interactives

Fun Brain  K-8:  Word games, Puzzles, Matching, Number games and more

Fact Monster  K-12:  World, US, People, Sports, Science, Math and Money, Facts

Cyberkidzgames  PK-6:  Math, Literacy, Arts and Music, Science, Geography games

Smart Tutor  K-5:  Math, Reading, free flashcards

Kahoot! 3-12:  Quiz creation and search site, to play, get the game pin and enter the following:

Kahoot! (this is the “play” site for Kahoot!, you must have a game pin of the game you would like to play)

Cool Math Games K-12: Strategy, Puzzles, Logic, Math

Fisher Price  PK-1:  Online games, Videos, Coloring Pages, Crafts